Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here you should be able to find answers to most questions you may need to ask about the services we provide. If you are not satisfied with one of the answers, or your question is not listed, then please contact us directly.

Q. How do I become a customer?
A. To become a London Leasing Solution (LLS4U) customer you need to select a car, agree to our terms and conditions (available on request) and sign our contract for either 12, 18 or 24 months.
Q. What do I need to pay?
A. LLS4U charges an administration fee of £50 at the beginning of the rental together with a deposit of £200 and the first month’s leasing costs. Leasing costs are according to the price list and which car and plan you have chosen. The deposit is to be returned at the end of the rental subject to everything being OK.
Q. Will the car be delivered at the start and collected at the end?
A. Yes this service is part of all of LLS4U contracts for hires of 12 months or more. For short term hire this service comes at a nominal fee.
Q. What happens with insurance?
A. For short term hire insurance is included, but for all other hires you must provide insurance cover. You must provide LLS4U with a copy of the policy to show the vehicle is suitably insured and checks may be made periodically. You can then drive the car as the policy details (with regard to leisure driving, additional drivers, driving abroad etc.)
Q. What happens when the car needs a service or the tyres need replacing?
A. LLS4U has appointed suppliers that deal with all of these aspects. Just inform LLS4U when the service light comes on in the vehicle or the Tyre tread gets low and we will organise an appointment at your nearest approved supplier. If there is a need for a replacement vehicle we will organised this through the supplier or provide one from our fleet.
Q. What happens if I exceed the 30,000 mile yearly limit?
A. You can always purchase additional mileage limits from LLS4U. These can be negotiated prior to the limit being reached. If you do not notify LLS4U beforehand you will be charged per mile at our standard rates stated in the contract.
Q. Are there any additional (hidden) costs?
A. There are no further costs beyond the monthly fee and initial charges, assuming you look after the vehicle and advise LLS4U of servicing and mileages at regular intervals stated in the contract.
Q. Do LLS4U deliver the car?
A. All customers who take a minimum of a 12 month lease get their vehicle delivered FREE of charge to most UK locations. Short term hires are delivered for a nominal cost.
Q. What happens if I am in an accident?
A. If you are unfortunately involved in an accident, you must complete the accident report form and notify your insurer immediately. We usually will provide a replacement car and your insurer will repair the car.